Day 13: Munich is all about Wurst! (for us)

Last day of the #wurstadventure for this first edition. We started our day with a light, but lovely breakfast at the Hotel Cristal in Munich before heading to our second meal of the day, to have a traditional Munich breakfast with Weisswurst and Weissbeer!

Day 12: Last #wurstadventure stop, Munich

After a wonderful time in Coburg we started on our last part of the journey here in Germany, the train ride from Coburg to Munich.

The first part of the ride was with a local train, but getting on the DB Bahn ICE we just took off! Traveling in over 290 km/h brought us from Nuremberg to Munich in just over an hour!

Day 11: Going up north again, to Coburg

This morning we set off towards the second to last stop on the German Wurst Adventure; Coburg.

When we arrived at the train station, we were met by a guide driving us to our hotel for the night, the Best Western Blankenburg Hotel situated close to the city center.

Day 10: Getting to know the Nuremberg Bratwurst

Today has been all about the Nuremberg Bratwurst! After a lovely breakfast at the Best Western Hotel Nürnberg City West, we headed for the city center to visit one of the best restaurants producing and serving their own Nuremberg Bratwurst, the Bratwursthäusle. We got a short introduction of the company before we visited a small butcher-kitchen in the cellar where over 3000 Bratwursts is made every day.

Day 9: Exploring Erfurt and arriving Nuremberg

Today was one of those mornings where you just lay in bed, waiting for the alarm clock to ring. After very early mornings for over a week, we started the day "late" for a guided tour in Erfurt at 9.30 am.

Erfurt has one of the best preserved medieval city centers in Germany and strolling around in the city was a joy! Lots of half-timbered houses, historical monuments, a lovely cathedral and Europe's longest inhabited bridge were some of the highlights.

Day 8. Thuringian Bratwurst and beer in Holtzhausen and Arnstad

Today was dedicated making and tasting Thuringian Bratwurst and checking out the local beer brewery. We had an early breakfast at the Best Western Plus Hotel Excelsior in Erfurt before heading towards Holtzhausen to visit the first and only Bratwurst museum in Germany.

Day 7: Onion festival in Weimar

Breakfast at 7.30 am on a sunday is not that usual even for bloggers, but getting up early was not a bad idea when we were heading for the 362nd Onion festival in Weimar.

Day 6: Finding the perfect Currywurst in Berlin!

Today the #WurstAdventure ended for three of the bloggers, and three new Norwegian bloggers arrived Berlin to continue the search for German wurst across the country.

Starting in Berlin it was of course the Currywurst that was the center of attention.

Day 5: Heading for Berlin

The day started with an early breakfast and check out from the Best Western Ambassador in Baunatal. After a small confusion getting on the right bus, we made it to the train station on time! We felt pretty lucky that our train was on schedule, as a lot of the trains this morning where heavily delayed due to signal box problems somewhere on the DB Bahn route.

Day 4: Exploring Kassel

After a lovely breakfast at the Best Western Hotel Ambassador in Baunatal we headed for Kassel city center to meet our guide from Kassel Marketing for the day.

Day 3: Visiting Hann Munden

The travel route for the day was to go from the Best Western Hotel Macrander in Offenbach, via Frankfurt to Kassel and then to Hann Munden.

It started with a small delay on the DB Bahn from Frankfurt, and then another delay for our connecting train in Kassel, resulting in us getting on the wrong train for about 25 minutes. Nice start of the day!

Day 2: Exploring Freiburg and Frankfurt

The second day of the Wurst Adventure started with a great variety breakfast at the Best Western Premier Hotel Victoria, with local specialities from the Black Forrest area, including the traditional Black Forrest Ham.

Our mascot for the trip was very satisfied! :)

Day 1: Arriving in Freiburg

Once upon a time there was a train, an on this particular day, it was 35 minutes delayed!

The wurst adventure started today, and the first 4 bloggers arrived in Frankfurt. After printing some twenty tickets from a machine, we found our way to the platform to take the train to our first stop for the journey, Freiburg. After waiting around 20 minutes we discovered our first train was delayed, which ment we missed our connecting train from Mannheim to Freiburg.

Packed and ready to leave for the #WurstAdventure

Finally the day is here! All packed and ready to leave Norway for an exciting culinary journey through Germany on the #WurstAdventure. For the first week of the trip, you can follow these four bloggers exploring all kinds of wurst

Ann Mari Gregersen who is writing the blog
Always ready to Travel
Henriette Gran Myreng who is writing the blog
Eli Gunnvor Grønsdal who is writing the blog
Dit peppern gror
Janicke Hansen who is writing the blog
Norske reiseblogger

Read more about the bloggers here

Tomorrow, monday october 5ft, they will all arrive in Frankfurt by plane and travel by train to Freiburg where the adventures starts! Get an introduction to Freiburg and the famous wurst "long red from Münster square" in Freiburg here.

Follow the bloggers during the trip in all major Social Media channels using the hashtag #WurstAdventure

Welcome to the German Wurst Adventure

The German Wurst Adventure is a project created by Nordic Travel Bloggers in cooperation with German National Tourist Office in Norway.

During the project, seven Norwegian travel bloggers will explore Germany by train, tasting all the German Wurst specialities along the way.

Follow the project and the bloggers as they travel through Germany tasting all the wurst they can get their hands on in all major Social Media Platform using #WurstAdventure

The travel route for The Wurst Adventure goes from Freiburg, via Frankfurt, Kassel, Hann Münden, Berlin, Erfurt, Thuringia, Nuremberg and Coburg and ends in Munich.. During the trip we will keep a Travel Journal which is updated on a daily basis.

The journey starts on Monday october 5th and ends Saturday october 17th 2015.

Stay tuned!