Packed and ready to leave for the #WurstAdventure

Finally the day is here! All packed and ready to leave Norway for an exciting culinary journey through Germany on the #WurstAdventure. For the first week of the trip, you can follow these four bloggers exploring all kinds of wurst

Ann Mari Gregersen who is writing the blog
Always ready to Travel
Henriette Gran Myreng who is writing the blog
Eli Gunnvor Grønsdal who is writing the blog
Dit peppern gror
Janicke Hansen who is writing the blog
Norske reiseblogger

Read more about the bloggers here

Tomorrow, monday october 5ft, they will all arrive in Frankfurt by plane and travel by train to Freiburg where the adventures starts! Get an introduction to Freiburg and the famous wurst "long red from Münster square" in Freiburg here.

Follow the bloggers during the trip in all major Social Media channels using the hashtag #WurstAdventure