Day 9: Exploring Erfurt and arriving Nuremberg

Today was one of those mornings where you just lay in bed, waiting for the alarm clock to ring. After very early mornings for over a week, we started the day "late" for a guided tour in Erfurt at 9.30 am.

Erfurt has one of the best preserved medieval city centers in Germany and strolling around in the city was a joy! Lots of half-timbered houses, historical monuments, a lovely cathedral and Europe's longest inhabited bridge were some of the highlights.

Searching for the children's television characters was another highlight. All over the city center we found our childhoods heroes (or nightmares), just waiting to be photographed. Great fun for families traveling with children or bloggers traveling with a mascot :)

We ended our tour and stay in Erfurt with a fantastic Thuringian grilled meal at the Fausfood, a restaurant with an indoor charcoal grill. Recommended!

DB Bahn got us to Nuremberg with two different train rides lasting for two hours each. A really comfortable and easy way to travel.

After checking in at the Best Western Hotel Nürnberg City West we enjoyed two hours of free our hotel rooms on the computer.

For dinner we met up with the Nürnberg tourism people, having a great Franconian dinner at the no 1 restaurant in Nuremberg, according to TripAdvisor, the Albrecht-Dürer-Stuben.

Tomorrow we are exploring Nuremberg city center and of course the Nuremberg Bratwurst, amongst other wursts.

PS: Due to connection issues in many of the cool places we have visited the last two days, we have not been able to do any Periscoping. Hopefully we will make up for it tomorrow!