Day 8. Thuringian Bratwurst and beer in Holtzhausen and Arnstad

Today was dedicated making and tasting Thuringian Bratwurst and checking out the local beer brewery. We had an early breakfast at the Best Western Plus Hotel Excelsior in Erfurt before heading towards Holtzhausen to visit the first and only Bratwurst museum in Germany.

The museum was situated in a small village with 700 inhabitants and almost no phone reception. It was a perfect mix of a sweet. kitschy, funny, tacky and educational exhibition.

We also got an introduction of German wurst schlagers, and the lyrics were all about "wurst".

After the theory session we started the practical education, the actual wurst making - cutting, mincing, seasoning, putting the meat into the wurst machine, filling the pig intestine with the mixture and shaping it into perfect Thuringian Bratwursts.

For the approval and grilling of the self made wurst, the Bratwurst King came by the museum.

We passed the test with flying colours!

After all the foodie stuff we took a scenic tour in the Holtzhausen area visiting two of the three castles situated on the hilltops.

It was sunny, clear and cold and the nature was dressed in beautiful autumn colours; picture postcard perfect!

Returning to Arnstad, we went on a theatrical brewery tour and beer tasting at the Stadtbrauerei Arnstad.

We tasted 5 different beers, including the weissbeer which they claim was invented in Arnstad! (Sorry Munich)

Back in Erfurt we had a lovely dinner at the Zum Goldenen Schwan, a local restaurant which opened in 1789.

Tomorrow we are going on a guided tour here in Erfurt before we head south to Nuremberg in the afternoon.