Day 7: Onion festival in Weimar

Breakfast at 7.30 am on a sunday is not that usual even for bloggers, but getting up early was not a bad idea when we were heading for the 362nd Onion festival in Weimar.

After a two hour train ride on the DB Bahn we arrived Weimar and met with our guide who took us to the city center and the festive vibe.

All over town there was stolls selling onion tales; onions braided in a decorative way with flowers and herbs in between. Onion dolls and smoked garlic was amongst the local specialities.

There were also all sorts of local products and crafts an a lot of food stolls selling wurst, grilled meat, onion kake, sweets, flowers, fruits and lot more.

Entertainment from multiple scenes, with traditional and modern music, where spread all over the market area, creating a good vibe.

During the festival lasting for three days over 300.000 people visit Weimar!

We tasted four different wursts during our stay at the festival. Two Thuringen  Knackwurst, one original light smoked and one thinner and heavy smoked.

We also tasted the Goethe Salami - special edition and the grilled Thuringen Rostwurst.

To round off the day we had a nice dinner with local dishes from the Haus zum Naumburgiscen Keller in Erfurt.

Our hotel for the night is Best Western Plus Hotel Excelsior situated right next to the railway station in the city center of Erfurt. To really explore the Thuringian region we are staying here for two nights, which feels like luxury when on constant travel! :)

Tomorrow we are visiting Holzhausen and Arnstadt for more exciting wurst tasting and a brewery visit.