Day 6: Finding the perfect Currywurst in Berlin!

Today the #WurstAdventure ended for three of the bloggers, and three new Norwegian bloggers arrived Berlin to continue the search for German wurst across the country.

Starting in Berlin it was of course the Currywurst that was the center of attention.

The group started with an interesting visit to the Currywurst museum and enjoyed a tasting menu to get in the right wurst mood.

After the tasting we went on a great guided tour around, and with, Berlin on Bike and tasted Currywurst from two of the most famous wurst stands in Berlin.

To compare the two stands, we took a voting after tasting the Currywurst from both stands. Our conclusion was that Konnopke had the best wurst and Curry 36 had the best curry sauce. (we tasted the wurst with skin at both places)

It would be very interesting to combine the two. Then we might have created the perfect Currywurst!

Tomorrow we are travelling to Erfurt, with a stop in Weimar to visit their onion market, a festival with roots as far back as 1653.

Here we will taste the Thuringian Rostbratwurst.