Day 3: Visiting Hann Munden

The travel route for the day was to go from the Best Western Hotel Macrander in Offenbach, via Frankfurt to Kassel and then to Hann Munden.

It started with a small delay on the DB Bahn from Frankfurt, and then another delay for our connecting train in Kassel, resulting in us getting on the wrong train for about 25 minutes. Nice start of the day!

Two hours late on arrival Hann Munden, we finally met with the tourism manager and our guide.

After hours of travelling both in the right and wrong direction we started the Hann Munden experience with some delicious Currywurst made from the european bratwurst champion, Ritter der Rotwurst, and of course with a secret ingredient in the curry sauce recipe.

After a quick photo session in the beautiful city center of Hann Munden we got to taste a great variety of Ahle wurst and Rote wurst, including the classic Ahle Wurst, ahle wurst with black truffel, walnuts and fennel seeds and an Ahle wurst dried for an extra long period.

We also tasted the famous Rote wurst with both boysenberry, plum, roquefort and apricot.

And the icing on the cake; rote wurst covered with chocolate!

Next post on the program was a visit to the Flux Biohotel Werratal where we got to make our own lamb Bratwurst with harissa, garlic and pepper. It was quite delicious.

Our hotel for the text to nights is the Best Western Hotel Ambassador in Baunatal, just autside Kassel. After a lovely dinner we where all exchaused, but very pleased with how the day turned out after all.

Tomorrow we are exploring Kassel, so stay tuned!

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Posted by Norske reiseblogger on Wednesday, October 7, 2015