Day 13: Munich is all about Wurst! (for us)

Last day of the #wurstadventure for this first edition. We started our day with a light, but lovely breakfast at the Hotel Cristal in Munich before heading to our second meal of the day, to have a traditional Munich breakfast with Weisswurst and Weissbeer!

Entering the Wallner Gaststätte Grossmarkthalle we were met by a lovely smell of wurst and sauerkraut, that even quite early in the day was raising our appetite. We ordered Weisswurst, Wiener, Pfälzer and Regensburger, and of course Weissbeer (that's what you drink when eating Weisswurst) The Weisswurst was surprisingly good served with sweet mustard, pretzels and the beer!

Our next and last stop of our journey was on the Auer Dult market just outside the city center. This market is held three times each year, and brings together local producers, new inventions, second hand shops, carousels and lots of great food providers. At the market we tasted four new wursts; Zwibelwurst, Weissbratwurst, Bayerische lange and Käsewurst, leaving us with a total of 60 different wursts tasted in only 13 days! Go bloggers! :)

We hope you enjoyed following us via our social media channels during our trip, and hope you also will read our upcoming blog posts with lots of great stories and travel inspiration for you! Thanks for great support by our sponsors German National Tourist Office, DB Bahn and Best Western Hotels, and of course all the regions and cities taking good care of us and inviting us to taste their local wursts during the trip. We could not have done this without you!

Thanks for coming along! 

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