Day 11: Going up north again, to Coburg

This morning we set off towards the second to last stop on the German Wurst Adventure; Coburg.

When we arrived at the train station, we were met by a guide driving us to our hotel for the night, the Best Western Blankenburg Hotel situated close to the city center.

After leaving our luggage in our rooms, we went on a short guided tour. It was very interesting to learn about the connection between the royal families of Europe and Coburg.

During our coffee break we just had to taste the local cake Mohrenkopf. Very sweet with lots of chocolate and whipped cream!

In this charming small town we tasted the delicious Coburg Bratwurst in two different ways. First we had a stop at the town market square to get some freshly grilled wurst from the wurst stall.

The Bratwurst was grilled over open flames using pine cones as "wood". It gave the wurst a distinct but very delicious taste.

The traditional Coburg Bratwurst is served in a roll cut lengthwise on the top of the roll (in Nuremberg the roll was cut from the side) It is usually served only with mustard, and is supposed to be eaten as you go.

The second way of having the wurst was shown to us by the bakers of Bäckerei Walter Feilder situated in a small village just outside Coburg.

Here they put the already grilled wurst into roll-dough and baked it in the oven for about 15 minutes. It is called a "Bratwurst in pyjamas".

Easy to eat while on the run and also very delicious!

Back at the hotel we had a small "break" catching up on some work before we left for dinner accompanied by the Coburg Tourism director at the traditional restaurant Bratwürstglöckle. We chose the dish of the day, which was the Coburg Dumplings, a very soft version of the German dumplings.

Being on the move for a long period, it felt great to take an early evening and just relax before we head off to our last stop on the journey in the morning, Munich.