Day 10: Getting to know the Nuremberg Bratwurst

Today has been all about the Nuremberg Bratwurst! After a lovely breakfast at the Best Western Hotel Nürnberg City West, we headed for the city center to visit one of the best restaurants producing and serving their own Nuremberg Bratwurst, the Bratwursthäusle. We got a short introduction of the company before we visited a small butcher-kitchen in the cellar where over 3000 Bratwursts is made every day.

Visiting a wurst producer, there is of course some tasting after the theory.

We were served the wurst in three different variations:
The Nürnberger Bratwurst - freshly grilled, the Nürnberger Bratwurst - smoked-dried, grilled and boiled in broth and the "Saure Zipfel" - Nürnberger Bratwurst boiled in vinegar, sugar, herbs and onion.

They were all very tasty!

Filled with wurst, we went for a guided city sightseeing and saw some of the most important historical places in Nuremberg for the development and production of the bratwurst, and other historical places.

On our way past the wurst restaurant a couple of hours after our first visit, we stopped to buy a "3 in a roll", a roll filled with 3 grilled Nüremberg Bratwursts.


We met up with our new friends from the Nuremberg Tourismus office for an evening meal after some free time. They took us to a Sushi restaurant and we tasted our very first Bratwurst Sushi! :) It was actually surprisingly tasty!

Tomorrow we are heading for a new city in the Bavarian area, Coburg.

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